Sunday, December 10, 2006

On Learning Car Driving...

I have felt ashamed of myself for not knowing how to drive a car this long..Not anymore! The month of december, being last of the year made me wonder what did I learn new this year, there are a few notable things but one thing missed out of my long wanting 'TODO' list - Driving a Car!

Joined a driving school here and applied for Learner's License!
Since I was from Driving School, I had an oral test in the RTO Jayanagar office, asking about 10-12 mandatory,cautionary road signs and asking me to demonstrate the hand signals while in LMV, to turn right, turn left and stop.
So got my LLr. without much problems, the driving school guys make your life easier!

So couple of classes are completed and hooo! its a lot different from the bike.. the whole perspective of seeing things change and I still have not let out the beginner's fear, which I should soon or the Instructor is going to be mad at me.
Scared many people already on the road and stalled the car in the middle of the road, causing traffic halt in two places....
My first class was even musing when the Instructor said "Brake" I did the "Accelerator", Good that he had the control with him!
my Poor Memory or High Tension may be the cause!

Tried Reverse Parking a Bit but missed looking at the Tall Pillar Post and again Instructor took the control of break and saved the day for me...

I asked the Instructor for feedback on areas to improve - First leaving out the fear, then the clutch handling and the left turns but he said I will get it with more practise!

These 2 days of experience is giving me a mixed feeling - both fun and fear, but I'm confident that I'll learn soon!

Meanwhile, browsed these two sites on car driving and liked it, good to read before you start your class everytime, like a revision -

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