Monday, April 30, 2007

A pic for Fiddle n Doodle...

I bought myself this pencil in a musical shop, this piece at its very first glance seemed to have been just crafted for me and this blog - Fiddle and Doodle!

I didnt have a heart to sharpen it and make it shorter and left it there as a show piece! How such small things brings a lot of joy! :-)

Friday, April 27, 2007

What's after web site making? PROMO ???

Yes - Promos!!! no use to have an awesome site if it doesn't reach the desired audience. Every new website creator's major worry is promoting it.

There are 12 to 101 ways to promote websites, with or without cost when you google at it. The best practical list I read is at
- A nice blogger with great views!

Also a good read on non-tech guide to web application creation by the same blogger at -

The day one, one conceptualizes the idea of a website, one should start thinking on ways to promote it. To Sell isn't easy definitely. As they say, "No Sales, No job", in the web world- "No Promos, No Existence"

One step towards Technorati...

giant leap into Blogosphere....

I took that step forward today after having used technorati for so long...
Am I trying to be a serious blogger now?

Here is my claim - Technorati Profile

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Psycho Analysis, Defense Mechanisms and a blog..

Sometimes I think - Damn, Why do I do certain things...
Everyone seems to have two choices as per evolution to face anything - fight or flight, As for me, I fight when I like, I flee when I hate.

While wondering on that and more on 'fleeing' as a way to defend oneself, I wikied out ways of Defensive Mechanisms at:

I had been introspecting as what I did when comparing with the article and recollecting incidents, more like seeing through a design pattern guide and recollecting lines of code previously written...

The levels by George Vaillant mentioned in the page is very interesting to note:

Level I - psychotic defences (ie. psychotic denial, delusional projection)
Level II - immature defences (ie. fantasy, projection, passive aggression, acting out)
Level III - neurotic defences (ie. intellectualization, reaction formation, dissociation, displacement, repression)
Level IV - mature defences (ie. humor, sublimation, suppression, altruism, anticipation)

I feel that the way one defends themselves can show how mature they are and while observing myself, I think I had done things from all levels at all times, matured as well as immatured acts.. thats a funny insight!

Mind Analysis and looking things in a scientific way, explaning hormones, enzymes and our super_power_brain acts for all causes of actions makes you feel generally good that you can blame it all on the molecules.

Interstingly, I also find people on 43 things - who wants to 'stop hating', seems a positive thing -
There are things that people do and do...
and 'whys' unexplained many times with all the scientific explanations/ empirical observations from evolutions identified.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

blog after long time.. German Musings

I guess this is the first post for this year and after coming to Germany and after a long time. what inspired me writing this blog is the amused reply from our landlord here in Germany

From: our landlord...
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 10:45 AM
To: us
Subject: Re: Regarding Phone in App ###.

pls. see below

----- Original Message -----
From: us
To: landloard
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 3:29 PM
Subject: Regarding Phone in App ###.

Dear Mr.XYZ,

I live in Appt ###. We have a problem with our telephone. We are NOT able to make any calls inside the apartment (i.e. we are not able call any other room numbers) and even people in the apartment are not able to call our room. we know this - we can't change the technic ! But we are able to make phone call outside the apartment (0 dial). Would it be possible for you to look into this sorry, no solution possible

Have a nice day


Note: Name and Email Id info are changed here obviously.

But what we really appreciate is atleast we got the reply. Wonder if they reply mails like this including their comments on the same mail we write, for avoiding using long English sentences. We are also thankful in a way that problem is only with calling inside the apartment and we are able to call our folks back home. Our neighbours have to knock our doors now to speak to us.