Thursday, March 23, 2006

"The sound of your violin is miserable...

Thats the statement which any violinist cannot bear and any learner gets demotivated easily.

Following these easy steps may result in good finer sound,

1. give more pressure to the bow ( using a full bow )
2. press the string on the note location distinctly
3. Donot feel shy and lessen the volume thereby ( If you think your neighbours would hear you and mock you for anything, that could just be the silliest assumption you could make )
everytime you play, feel as if you want to listen to the best sound from your violin and feel as if "You, Yourself and her, the Violin"

Last but not the least, as always, concentrate on the ThAlA ( maintaining the tempo) and be distinct on the note ( follow the rules of rAgA and LakshAnA)

The finer the sound, the finer the artist you become!

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