Monday, March 20, 2006

Voila, the Violin...

Violin is known to be the Queen of Instruments.

She is indeed the queen, a great beauty with her shrill pleasant music can take you to eternity, forgetting thy self, feeling humble and bowing to the spell she can cast.

Going to her history,
Violin is said to have originated in Italy roughly around 13B.C. Violin itself is an Itailian word, when the french had called it 'Violon' and german calling it 'Gaige' and 'Fiddle' in English.
The Violin family has her big sister Viola, aunts Viola Pamposa, violon cello, cousins lira-da-braccio, bass viol, Lyra viol and granma violetta Marina and the little sister Viola d'amore...

Mr. Andrea Amati of Italy had made first few violins in 1525AD , followed by his grandson Nicolo Amati who made the first few violin masterpieces.
We salut them for their wonderful contribution to the mankind!

Then on, it had continued to take several phenomenal growth and modifications to the models, She became what she is now with GDAE strings from left to right.

In India, we have Violin tuned for Carnatic style which is far different from the western way of playing it. Violin is tuned for sa- pa- Sa- Pa.

It is very difficult to learn and master violin as it has no reeds that separates out the notes distinctly. It has a smooth fingerboard where the notes are differentiated by pressing the strings at different levels and running the bow along the string.

It is definitely very interesting to make music out of this instrument!

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