Friday, November 17, 2006

Garbage Collection

Makes me immediately think of all possible things - From C# GC, PC Recycle Bin to the literal Trash Bin at Home..
Well I recently came across a "release build only bug" which happened when I used Mutex and the actual reason being, the Garbage Collection cleaning up the variables when out of the scope immediately in release build. Some refactoring got it working.
Similar one discussed here:

On a different Note, a recent visit to St.John's Hospital made me wonder about the garbage collection for the hospital waste. Then googled to find this one:
oh wow, lotsa things, how great it is to run a good hospital!

One of the Best things I saw here in Bangalore, the guy who comes to collect our garbage bags (atleast the one who comes to our street everyday) has all the patience to seggregate the garbage out (unlike many people who dont). And I feel, the garbage collection infrastructure has to improve a lot in India...

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