Thursday, June 07, 2007

Salutes to Aruna Sairam!

Aruna Sairam is one of my favorite carnatic singers and the best song I like her sing is Kalinga Narthana Tillana. But today I watched this youtube video,

This Tamil folk song called "Maadu Meikum Kanna", is a variety called "Kavadi Chindhu" in Carnatic Music. The song represents a conversation between Yasodha, Mother of Lord Krishna and the Little Lord Krishna.

It beautifully explains all pleadings of lord Krishna to go out and play with cows and how his mom stops him, telling that she would give him milk, butter and sugar to eat, and how sunny it is outside. She also tells him, how there might be robbers outside and wild animals on the banks of River Yamuna. She finally asks him what to say if his Papa Nandha Gopal asks for him and Krishna says, please tell him I am playing a game of ball with friends and how he can fight the robbers and hunt the wild animals for her earlier descriptions. She says No to his pleads and the song ends with him still pleading and not yielding... It brings such a beautiful drama to your imagination.

What I observed today in the Video is the spontaneity of Aruna Sairam. Her expressions in the video are just amazing to watch and the song pours out from her heart. Her laughter for the funny fiddle note is so musical and blends into the tune. The best part is when there is a loud sound that comes in the microphone or from somewhere in the auditorium and she had just sang the line, Krishna telling his mom to tell his dad that he is playing a game of ball with his friends... Aruna Sairam wittily comments for the sound that it seems the ball has hit here. Such presence of time and quick comment is a great skill for a performer. I admire her presence of mind as much as her singing!


R P KUMAR said...

Goddes Saraswathi is realy dancing in Aruna Sairam's tongue. Let God give her all blessings to continue for ever her music

GK said...

yes r p kumar, such a gifted singer she is... Glad to know that she has many fans around!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful.

Kamini said...

I stumbled upon your site while looking for something on Aruna Sairam. She is one of my favourite singers, too. This is fantastic - it had me laughing and singing along with her. She truly brought the spirit of the song to life. Thank you so much for sharing this!

hema said...

Thank you so much Gayatri dear....i was searching for exactly this song....never imagined i would find it so helps me to shoo my tensions away and relax in lovely is Aruna Sairam's rendering

Pavithra said...

thanks gayathri,i was searching this song so many days now only i got it.i reduces my tension and feel very enjoyable.aruna sairam song was really nice.she sang from heart not from tongue chumma.